ღ 第15章 ღ

well.. you're now at sing again...
everything back to normal life again..
routine working.. studying.. sleeping..
my poor dear :)

today get some talk to you,
arhaa.. quite happy actually..
i like to heard your voice..
make me felt secure and comfortable..
it's like you get some light or signal when u're lost..

hmm.. but then i get some comment from you,
positive and negative..
haha.. you said me sometime a bit emo..
erhmm.. i agreed!
I'm not a bit emo BUT I'm easily get emo..
maybe im moody..
maybe my AUNTIE visit..

arhaa.. well i will try to improve it..
and try to disconnect to the EMO worm..
so.. next time no more emo kay..

control + ing~