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ღ 第三章 ღ


today work like hell..

a lot of job waiting for me!

oh my god~ help..

after off work..

chat with you again..

today actually felt quite weird,

im don't know,

maybe im like to think this, think that..

i admit that everything also i want to know..

but after know it,

i will think to the negative way..

i don't want let you think that everything also have to tell me..

it's like no privacy for you..

but sometime is hard for me to control my brain for not think in that way..

im told you before that i like to think..

whatever you have tell me,

i sure will think think think think..

im stupid!! cause i will make all simple thing become complicated!

but well.. i will recover after i think..


i know we should give each other some privacy..

well well..

sorry if make you unhappy or feel annoying..

but i have promise that i won't be that anymore..

so.. ember.. wake up..

don't be same as last time anymore..

look forward!

woww.. you will get better yea ^^



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