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ღ 第8章 ღ


finally reached penang...

really happy cause i thought i can see your pig face...

but what i get not your pig face..

a bad news from you..

shud i shout out here or juz keep in my heart!

i duno whether you will be here or not..

(not really want you to know)

im juz wonder it will cause us misunderstand :(

damn~ really surprise when you've told me that bad news!

im know that's not your fault..

you no need to blame yourself!

actually im really really sad and angry...

maybe just for a moment..

but i feel like i have lost my credit to my friend..

im feel guilty...

sure my fren think im a betrayer..

sigh.. what to do?

everything already happened..

forget and forgive..

can v do that??



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