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ღ 第5章 ღ


today super duper busy and tired :(

damn~ no time even take a breath..

gosh.. rush to do this.. rush to do that..

walao~ busying..

but.. althought im busying..

but im still miss you..

today seldom talk to you cause im prepared to go back my hometown tomorrow..

arhaa.. so i have to buy this and that to bring back...

omg~ sleepy and tiring...

well well.. today your last paper,

you told me that is very hard for d paper..

hmm.. hmm..

wondering whether you still can get your rewards not now..

arhaa.. well...

i have to leave you for few days..

cause im going back and will seldome talk to you..

hmmm.. i think im going to get sick soon..

cause of you :( so bad~

miss miss miss you again...

you sure sleep like pig now..

arhaa... im just finished dye my hair..

omg~ like nothing different.. :(

Ohh shit.. really sleepy now..

should get off now.. :(

good night my sweet heart..

muaxx muaxx muaxx..

arhaa.. miss your sexy lipssss...



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