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ღ 第14章 ღ


didn't update for our chapter for few days d,

hmm.. nothing much happened,

just as usual..

stay in happily and blissfully..

awww~ its great for me n you,

haha.. wish to maintain such happy life eternity..

wuakaka~ wish wish wish..

pray pray pray..

hope hope hope..

hopefully :) muax muax..

appreciated is what i've learned from you..

such a wonderful words for me..

you know what to do when im feeling down,

you know what to talk when im moody,

you know what to act when im need you,

really thanks dear for eveything you've done for me :)

for S.E.A.N,

with all my

2 則留言:

  1. sounds like very enjoy
    jealous neh
    as ur ji mui
    of cos wish u happy happy
    everyday oso is a wonderful day

  2. thanks dear..
    wow.. hope you found your 炸酥 too :)
    cheers ^66^


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